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Google to pay $9 billion to Apple in 2018, but why?

Apple is amongst the most successful electronic device makers across the globe and its most popular products remain the iPhones. The smartphones have their unique fan-following and customer-base which brings Apple a sum of money that is unimaginable. However, there are even other sources from where the Cupertino-based company earns money.

Google, as we all know, is the largest tech giant as its search engine platform is invincible. It not only serves in Android smartphones but even the iOS devices execute all the search-related duties through the most adapted search engine. However, in order to keep it that way, Google needs to pay Apple a particular amount every year so that Apple continues using Google as its default search engine platform.


Yes, Google will be paying a staggering $9 billion (approx Rs 65,000 crores) this year for staying the default search engine on Apple iPhone’s Safari browser. And, it’s not just this year that the tech giant is paying Apple to remain intact but the transaction happens every year. What’s more interesting is that the amount keeps on rising year-on-year basis.

As per an exclusive report from Business Insider, the payable sum may hike further in 2019 to a whopping $12 billion (approx Rs 87,000 crores). A renowned Goldman Sachs analyst Rod Hall believes that a large chunk of traffic fetched by Google is from Apple, specifically from the Safari browser of iOS devices.

Apart from Google, yet another search engine which Apple’s iPhones utilise is Bing which engages when searching something through Siri.

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