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Online Games should be banned, they adversely affect children’s health: (INC) MP H Vasantha Kumar

New Delhi: Indian National Congress (INC) MP H Vasantha Kumar on Tuesday appealed to the government to ban online games, citing the harmful effects on children’s mental and physical health. ۔ “I urge the govt to ban online games like PUB-G,  Blue Whale, Rummy etc.. he said that PUBG was launched in the year 2017 and has made a huge global following in PCs, console sales and mobile platforms. , “Said Vasantha Kumar in the Lok Sabha.

He added, “As of December last year, 200 million mobile were  have been downloaded of its game. Some cities in India have already banned the game, citing the concern that they will ban the player from school. More violent than work and making students anxious. ” The MP further said that many parents have complained that the education of their children in computer games is of no importance.

Conversely, online games have had a lot of negative effects on their mental and physical development. MP H Vasantha Kumar also said that, “By doing so, children will have at least some physical activity that can lead to many health problems such as obesity, cardiac problems and psychological problems. Ban online games for the future of India.”

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