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KERALA: An engineering student of Kochi has developed an automatic thermal scanner that has an in-built camera to record the face of the person along with his body temperature

Divins Mathew is a B.Tech computer science student of Rajagiri College of Engineering and Technology Kakkanad. Mathew has named the device ‘Auto Temp’

Auto Temp is a box like device and is very portable, it can be placed at entry points of offices, hospitals, and colleges. It has infrared sensors to sense human temperature. A person will just have to wave his hand before ‘Auto Temp’ and stand in front of the built-in camera of the device.

The device will capture a photo of the person and it will be transferred to the connected computer server with the help of WiFi.

It is said that the device costs Rs 4,000 and is battery-operated. It also leaves a message after measuring the body temperature. It will say ‘you are fine’ or ‘see a doctor’ based on the temperature of the person.

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