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YouTube Testing TikTok-Like Short Video Format on Android, iOS

YouTube is testing a new feature on its mobile apps that will allow users to create and upload short 15-second clips, similar to TikTok. The feature is currently available to limited users, and a mass rollout can be expected after the testing phase is over. The development was announced by YouTube on its support website. In April, a report had indicated the arrival of this feature, adding that the company may call it “YouTube Shorts.”

The Alphabet-owned video platform in a post explains that the feature will allow creators to record multiple clips directly in the YouTube mobile app and upload them as one video. If the video is less than 15 seconds long, it can be directly uploaded on to the platform, after recording. However, if the user wishes to upload a clip longer than 15 seconds, it needs to be uploaded from the phone gallery, the company adds.

As mentioned, this feature is currently limited to select Android and iOS users, and they can check its availability by finding the option ‘create a video’ in the mobile upload flow. It is unclear whether the feature contains video tools such as filters, effects, music, and so on, as seen on the TikTok app. The feature was initially reported by The Information in April.

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YouTube already allows users to create and upload short videos in the form of YouTube Stories, also known as YouTube Reels. The feature made its debut back in 2017.

Similarly, other social media giants such as Facebook are also trying to rival TikTok with their apps. The company was testing a new app for music lovers, called Collab, last month. The app, according to Facebook, allowed users to create and merge short music videos. In 2018, Facebook had also launched a similar TikTok-inspired app, Lasso. The app is yet to reach Indian consumers.

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