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Google has make auto-delete data default for new users

Pushing the privacy features on its platform, Google has now made auto-delete the default for new accounts. This will apply to location history, web and app activity as well as YouTube history, said Rahul Roy Chowdhary, VP-Product Management, Google.

Users will have the option to delete data automatically in three months or 18 months, or just choose to delete manually. Users will have the option to go back and change this when needed, even when the default is auto-delete in 18 months.

Roy Chowdhary told indianexpress.com that it is always a struggle giving the user more options. “So the reason we picked these card options, is that it satisfied key use cases,” he said while accepting that this is a “simplification” and they know it does not fit everyone’s use cases. “In the future, we may change that default, but nearly every change and every option, here come additional complexity,” he explained, adding how every time they add a new option Google has to run a comprehension study, visiting users in-person to understand if they get the new changes.

“Privacy is one of the most important areas of investment, and for this, we bring our unique approach to this area, one that’s based on simplicity, deep technical innovation, a spirit of openness.” Roy Chowdhary, who heads the central privacy team at Google said, they are “super focused on privacy and it deeply committed to making sure that users feel this now and many years into the future.”

Highlighting the three “overarching principles that guide Google’s approach to privacy”, he said: “The first principle is to treat our users in a responsible way. And what that means is being very intentional and thoughtful about what data we collect why we collected, how long we keep before and throughout the entire thing that he showed us. The second principle is to make sure that our users have a sense of agency and a sense of control over how they manage their data privacy is deeply personal and there we can pick reasonable defaults, but privacy is not a one size fits all. And make sure you can make the right choices for data in a simple, easy to use way.” The third principle, he said, is about protecting users’ data from harm and from misuse. “We hear again and again about users across the world, the user studies. And for many of our users, the single most important privacy feature is security. And that’s something we can.”

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