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35-year-old sealed copy of Super Mario Bros sets a world record, sold for $114,000

Super Mario Bros is one of those games people in the post-millennial era grew up playing. The game evolved over the years but gamers are still crazy about the game originally launched in the 80s and the recent series of events prove it. The Nintendo developed and published game’s 1985 mint copy was sold for a whopping 114,000 dollars at Heritage Auctions.

The record-breaking bid for the US version of Super Mario Bros bettered the bid that was called last year. The previous bid was 100,150 dollars for a similar copy of one of the greatest games of all time. When converted to Indian currency, the winning bid was a shocking Rs 85,72,287.

According to Chris Kohler, a journalist and game collector based in San Francisco, California, this is the most expensive game sold till now. The buyer who made the winning bidder chooses to remain anonymous.

This particular copy of the best-selling Nintendo console game of all time was aggressively bid for because it had a 9.4 rating out of 10 which translates to the near-perfect edition in the game collector community. The copy was sealed in the original packing, cardboard hangs tab copy which is considered rare and vintage.

This particular version of the game also featured the first-ever appearance of the series villain “Bowser, King of Koopas”. The legendary arcade game was not only a fan-favorite but helped to revive the gaming industry in its prime. You could play this side-scrolling two-dimensional genre game either as Mario or his younger brother Luigi if you opt for the multiplayer option. The objective of the protagonist is to save Princess Toadstool from Bowser after fighting his army of soldiers and avoiding traps.

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